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This page is the spot for us to showcase our videos. Official music videos, in-studio videos, behind the scenes videos or whatever else pretty much. These videos are just us having fun, so even though we hope you enjoy them, if you don't there is help out there for you!!!


Kihl vs Jacque EP

This video is a little visual for the 'Kihl Shawtz vs Jacque Muuves' EP. We couldn't decide which song to do at first, so we settled on making somethng for every song.



The 1st song off Kihl vs Jacque is 'UnderRated', a feeling we would fight with, until we realized that we are as great as we want to be. NO RATINGS NEEDED


Gs In The Room

The 2nd song off Kihl vs Jacque is 'Gs In The Room', which is half of a throwback song. Being 'Gangsta' is a mentality, with or without a crew!



The 3rd song off Kihl vs Jacque is 'VS', when you understand that you are your own greatest competition, you just battle yourself. 


Upgrade Everything

The 4th song off Kihl vs Jacque is 'Upgrade Everything'. Having a strong desire to be original and keep everything exclusive, EVERYTHING needs to be UPGRADED!!!


Full Stamina

The 5th and final song off Kihl vs Jacque is 'Full Stamina, and what needs to be said except, 'we're fully charged up and unable to stop!


Big Boy Bop

'Big Boy Bop' is a song off the (Where's Your Verse At?) album. It was hard to resist making something for this song, so we had some fun!


Or Not / Paid Off

In preparation for the release of the (M.I.K.E.) album, SY dropped a little teaser, in the form of 2 songs off the upcoming album.


Supa Dupa Freaky Shhh

SO, I wasn't sure what to do for this video & I don't have a big budget (or any budget) so I had to ask myself, 'WHAT WOULD D'Angelo DO?'



The newest single from the upcoming (It's Evident) album is 'Mad'. Since so many people act like life revolves around social media, people like us make them MAD!!!

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